Sunday, 13 November 2016


"... decided to go all out girly for my makeup..."

Whether it's because I'm in denial or just not ready to accept it's now the colder months, my make up is still summer fleeky. Yes, I'm still all for the pink everything - pink blush, bright pink lips, even pink tone highlights. Can't stop, won't stop. I promise it's just the pinks though! I just can't seem to get in to the deep tones, and smokes yet but soon - Christmas is approaching and it's going to be amazing one.

I'm not exactly sure what took over me, but I decided to go all out girly for my make up this day. I was filming a What's In My Make up Bag/Make up Bag Musthaves video for YouTube (subscribe to my channel if you haven't already - Abisola Jaydee) and I fell in love with my make up. 

Hoops // Primark

There definitely was a lot of pink going on, but pairing this look with a simple off-the-shoulder white knitted jumper and jeans, it worked! 

So don't let no one tell you summers over, even when you're shaking and properly hypothermic, so long your make up is summertime fine and screaming summer colours, it's still summer. Just make sure you're wrapped up.

Jumper // eBay


Foundation - MAC Studio Fix Fluid 'NC45'
Concealer - MAC Select Cover Up 'NC42'
Powder - Black Opal Finishing Powder '03'
Contour - Sleek Contour Kit 'Dark'
Blush - Revolution Blush Palette 'Hot Spice'
Highlight - Revolution Blush Palette 'Hot Spice'
Brows - Random Kohl Pencil 'Brown'
Eyeliner - Natural Collection Liquid Lines
Lashes - Primark 'Sultry'
Lipstick - MN Generation II Liquid Lipstick 
Lip Liners - Primark PS. Love Liner 'Aubergine' 


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