Sunday, 26 February 2017


Ok, so it's been a while - sorry! Better late than never though, right? Let me get straight into this for you. 'Bleu marine en river' - navy blue in the winter. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours to work with during the winter months. Why? It's a rich colour that works amazing with silver or gold hardware, and works well with dark winter colours such as burgundy and brown, however it looks just as good next to something bright, in this case, white.

Who says you can't do classy and comfortable at the same time? I beg to differ. Give me an oversize shirt, and tailored jacket and  some high knees boots and I'll show you how to do both!

Shirt - Zara
 I got to give thanks for Zara for this little number. Your girl has been looking for the longest for a decent white shirt BUT I didn't want just a basic one, I wanted a versatile one. One that ticked all the boxed - suitable to wear a dress, layered, collared and fitted. Zara's white shirt in small XS, for £25 was exactly what I was looking for and since getting it, I haven't stop wearing it.

Shirt, Zara £25
 Jacket, Primark £20
Boots, Shoe Zone £20
Bag, Givenchy £1465
Scarf, Primark £3
Choker, eBay £1

"navy blue in the winter time is one of my favourite colours to work with during the cold months.."
 I know you guys won't let skip past that little black bag. Givenchy Antigona in medium. You are my new baby and mummy plans to take care of you and show you off to the world because you deserve it, you beauty. OMG, I am so in love with this bag, it's unbelievable.  I worry for myself and this designer bag love that I have. All I can say is, the Givenchy Antigona does have a considerably big price tag, but for the benefits and cost per wear you'd get, it's more than worth it. Welcome to the family, Antigona.

For more details on this look, which is featured as a visual on my YouTube channel and video 'February Lookbook 2017' linked below, please watch the video to see more outfits I've been rocking this February, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my social media so that you don't miss a thing!



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