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Goodbye, winter. Hello, spring. Yep, that's right - we made it. The weather is finally going to start picking up, and just for the record, I for one can not be happier it's spring. My favourite season. Not too cold, not too hot - just right. You're probably thinking what's that got to do with this post... Well, another reason I really love springtime is because I can really break into my perfume collection...

 I always thought I'd be one of those people who just wore whatever perfume they wanted, on whatever occasion, whatever the season but for last few months that in me has dramatically change. I now appreciate a different scent according to occasion and season. For spring, it's all about floral, sweet, a little fruity and a little light. So for this post I've chosen my top 3 affordable scents for Spring 2017. One is oldie but a goodie, and other two, new addictions but loved already!

"...I really love spring is because I can really break into my perfume collection"

  1. ZARA Fruity - 200ml, £20

        Grapefruit, Rose, Tangerine, Redcurrant, Jasmine, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood

I got to admit, I remember the exact moment I first discovered Zara perfume. I was in heaven. Completely and whole-heartedly. I hardly ever shopped in Zara a year ago, yet alone know they did perfumes. Guess what one I fell in love with firstly and brought that same day? Fruity. Best decision ever. I've run out this fragrance so many times. 

One thing I think Zara have hit the nail on the head with it the pricing and styling of their fragrances (I plan to do a post about all my Zara fragrances so keep a look out!) Fruity is the sleekest and simplest of them all. Oh, and any size you want, Zara's got it. 30ml, 100ml, 200ml, all at the most affordable prices. This 200ml right here, £20 only! The 30ml, usually £6! And the stay power and scent is incredible. This perfume blows my mind every time I used it. A year later from my first YouTube video, I mentioned it, and I still love it now! Everyday errands and university, this is a favourite. It's also very date proof, not over-powering, but definitely present.

2. NEXT Just Pink - 100ml, £12

                                     Fresh green floral, soft fruits and pink blossoms

Man, has this perfume confused me. When I usually see the word 'floral', best believe 9/10 I'm running the other way. I love flowers to look at, but the scent is very hit and miss for me. Give me fruit and citrusy scent any day. However, this beauty was gifted to me for Christmas and I am forever grateful. Game changer. Absolute game changer. Firstly, let's just talk about the bottle. I'm going to say, I'll probably change my mind soon, but right now this second, there is no perfume in my collection that screams elegance and beauty to the level this does. 

This perfume is so beautiful to just look out! From the gold hardware, ribbed glass and touch of pink ribbon - I can't get over it. I'm one for visuals, and I really admire the finish on this perfume. The scent, just as beautiful (FYI, I just sprayed it!) When do I wear this? When I'm trying to be boujee AF. Business meetings, dinner dates, when I just got a fresh weave and I'm feeling myself. Whenever I want to feel like a big woman. This perfume has not failed yet, and it has an amazing stay power. Even day after a day on jackets. One thing I've noticed about this perfume is it doesn't seem to run out or show signs of use. It literally has not gone down, not even a little bit. It still looks like a full bottle, and I've had it for 3 months. Definitely, going down in my good books!

3. PRIMARK Tease - 75ml, £6

                                 Oriental, Bergamont, Cedarwood, Peach, Vanilla, Jasmine, Musk

The one perfume is competition with my all time favourite perfume, Cheryl Cole Storm Flower. Primark's Tease deserves to be a long-term fragrances of theirs. It should have a body lotion, hand lotion, hair spray, roll-on - any scent product you can think of, this should have one. Hell, this is should just be an air fresher. It should just be the scent of Primark because I can honestly not deal any longer with the amazingness of this perfume. The price, £6 for a 75ml product of this quality. I won't say anything more other than bargain. The styling of the bottle. Again, a big hit with me. I loved a glass, see-through perfume bottle, they just look so beautiful when all put together. The silver, glitter like lid gives it a real girly touch, but the bottle overall keeps it elegance through the diamond cut throughout the bottle. The winning thing about this perfume, is the scent. Hands down, I am so sold on this perfume! I buy three at a time, I am honestly obsessed. This is my perfect when I'm just in full on Beyonce and Rihanna mode. 

When I have this on and I look cute, no one can tell me anything. I feel like I've made it when I wear it. It is the sweetest and most nose-catching (if you get what I mean) scent, I've ever come across. And if I could tell you anything it would be please, please, please go smell this perfume the next time you're in Primark, because I promise, I'm very sure you won't be disappointed. However, my only con with this bad boy, and I'll state this now, I'm not sure whether it's my fault because I love it so much, but it does seem to run out faster than I'd like. I do spray a lot of this, not because I have to get a god amount of scent, but just because I'm addicted. The days I chose to wear this, I spray it 8-10 times a day, just to get another hit of the smell. I definitely spray this a lot more than my other perfumes, so it's no surprise it finishes faster than usual, but it's just because I love it so much. For £6, I don't think I'm breaking the bank when I buy a new bottle, anyway!

So those are my top 3 favourite senses for spring for this year, if you've got any questions, find me on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram @abisolajaydee and fire your questions at me, I'd be more than happy to answer them. Head over to my YouTube channel (Abisola Jaydee) to see more! Till the next time...

Photography - Abisola Jaydee
- AJ. 

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