Wednesday, 4 April 2018


From a long as I can remember... Well, as long as I've been into makeup there has always been one brand that been close to my heart... MAC. It's still the make up brand that when I walk in, I still get goosebumps over. Sounds silly, like is make up really that deep? Well, yeah actually it is. It is when your raised in a society where imperfections and blemishes are seen as 'ugly' and make up is the quick fix solution. It is when you've a young teenager thats saved up all their money to go buy that 'Snob' lipstick, or your first bottle of Studio Fix, and it mostly definitely is when make up is your art form.

'My first paycheck I headed to MAC and I was ready to spend my coins...'

MAC is not only a make up brand, though. It's so much more. It's an AIDS fund via Viva Glam, it's a charity, it's a family of creators, it's a 'everyone is welcome' safe zone. All ages, All races, All genders. There's power in that statement, and that's why its their credo and you feel it in store, and the passion beams from every make up artist working there.

Sooo, it comes as no surprise that I nearly burst into tears when I got my job there. I started working when I was 16, in a job that I hated but paid really well. At 16, I couldn't complain with the pay checks I was getting. I stayed in that job for three years. However, with my first paycheck I headed to MAC and I was ready to spend my coins! I went in and 45 mins later,  I walked out with a Studio Fix Fluid in NC45, Studio Fix Powder in the matching shade, Spiked eyebrow pencil and Honeylove lipstick. I beat my face to the Gods the next morning for college, and I never looked back. I looked FLAWLESS. I was sold. MAC make up had done for me what no other make up brand had done for me... I felt beautiful. The shade was right, the finish was perfect, the wear time was amazing. Going from drugstore make up that I could never find my true shade and fitting, to my literal skin tone in a bottle, it was a special moment in my make up journey and for me as a young black girl.. I WAS INCLUDED, AND INCLUDED RIGHT.

So let's fast forward, I've got my job at MAC now. It's full circle. I went from being 16 and walking out the MAC counter near my home and thinking I want to work here one day, right here is where I belongm to being 20 years old and being a MAC make up artist! I get to make other girls, guys, people feel the way I felt that first day I put my MAC products on, everyday. That 'I didn't know I could look this beautiful' feeling. There's magic in being the artist behind making someone feel that good about themselves. Whether it be filling in a brow, covering a acne scar, or making someones' lashes look 10x longer. The end goal is always the same... to make that person feel beautiful about themselves.

Make up should never be the only way someone feels beautiful about themselves, but it's a great way to start learning to love you, embrace and enhance your features and colours. You are the base. There's no right or wrong with make up. It's all art. It's all personal preference. It's your face and your style. Be creative, be bold. Experiment. You can always learn and start again.

I guess this post is to express my favourite art form. Every individual person is beautiful and an art form in themselves. Maybe I'll touch deeper into societys' standard of beauty, how to get into the beauty industry, and the important of inclusion another time. This post was just food for thought, and an appreciation post, if anything. Let's see my MAC journey takes me...

Products Used: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC45, MAC Prolongwear Concealer NC42, MAC Studio Fix Powder NC44.5, MAC Spiked Eyebrow Pencil, MAC Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette,  'Red Brick' Eyeshadow, Soft Ochre Paint Pot, MAC Gingerly Blush, MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick..

- AJ

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