Daughter. Sister. Student. YouTuber. Blogger.
I always love been these five things, and whenever I was being these five things I felt the strongest, happiest and most creative I ever had. At one point I cut out the YouTube and blog part for over five years, and I regretted it every day. Abisola Jaydee, the YouTube channel was launched in March 2016, and this blog was launched November 2016.

Currently studying Business & Marketing at University, and working in retail finance, I finally decided to take YouTube and my blog even more serious and fully commit to it - some what follow my dreams! Regular posts, regular videos. Pure consistentcy and passion - number one rule.

I love all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but I also love helping people, more than anything. I hope my YouTube channel and blog brings something positive to you, and you enjoy all you see, read or watch - it means a hell of lot to me you're even reading this, so thank you a million times!

If you have any questions leave a comment or email
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